The International Visegrad Fund and our Project

Geoscientists many times have to analyse landforms or rocks which were separated by state borders. Researchers from different countries use their specific methods and can’t cooperate, because of officialdom hampers it. So the results of these investigations often are incomplete. Specific example is the Danube valley on the Slovak-Hungarian border line. This land is a complex physical geographic unit, but researchers of countries don’t cooperate each other. The Gerecse Hills and Visegrad Gorge was investigated by Hungarian, the south slovakien tributaries of Danube were investigated by Slovak, Czeh and Polish researchers.

Present IVF project can be a “bridge” over state border line and officialdom. An international researcher group can make complete geomorphological and geological investigation with merged methods. These results can infiltrate education and geoscientific products of V4 countries, hereby give a new and interesting knowledge for ordinary civil people and can make connect the researchers of V4 countries. It is a good chance to assure the mobility for field surveys and the facilities for intensive scientific contacts in the frame of the research program.