Study Area

The Study area is a white patch on the map of natural sciences. It wasn’t investigated, however it is a relevant area as seen through the quarternary science. Here are some rivers, hills, pediments, fluvial terraces covered by fluvial and eolian sediments include paleosoils and paleontological findings, in brief: Paradise for geoscientist. And the most important, this site is the entrance of Visegrad Gorge, which is one of the most problematic area of Hungary.


It is a small (≈70 km2) area, bounded by three rivers on the Slovak-Hungarian border region. We would like to investigate the environmental of fluvial terrace on the mouth section of Hron river, between Burda and Kamence Hill. This terrace was dissected by Bajtva Stream and some erosional valleys, which gives oportunity to investigate the fluvial and eolian sediment units.